Viva Rio Haiti launches a new project: Martissant without violence


Viva Rio Haiti launched this August 2018 a new community violence reduction project called “Martissan san vyolans” (Martissant without violence). Martissant is a densely populated area of Port-au-Prince that has seen a surge in armed violence during the last years. This new 10-month project is financed by the United Nations Mission for Justice Support in Haiti […]

Health Clinics promote breastfeeding awareness with event for moms and babies


Health and social assistance are universal rights. Viva Rio believes in a wider concept of healthcare and sees the management of public facilities as a way to ensure citizenship for all. With this purpose, Viva Rio got a certificate to operate as an unprofitable Social Health Organization, co-managing over 80 health units in partnership with […]

Blood donation campaign saved 2,805 lives in 2017


Did you know that a single blood donation can save up to three lives? Viva Rio works to raise awareness about the importance of donating blood since 1998, when it signed a partnership with Rio de Janeiro’s blood bank Hemorio. In 2010 the initiative was strengthened and gained support from the Municipal Health Secretariat, community […]

Black Pearls hire refugee from Venezuela to its Under-20 team


The Black Pearls Football Club arrives at the end of 2017 closer to the dream of becoming a global team of refugees. In addition to winning the Rio State Championship C Series, which moved the team up one rank in the competition, and the efforts to expand the project to the Middle East, a move […]

The power of women in Viva Rio


Viva Rio’s workforce is female, with 69.03% of women and 30.97% of men among the nearly 10,000 employees we have today. Viva Rio has always had women in leadership positions, but this was accentuated in 2007 as we started working in the health area. Today, 58% of our managing positions are occupied by women, who […]

A special year for the Black Pearls


The Black Pearls have many reasons to celebrate these holidays, after a year of hard work, victories, new achievements and exciting challenges ahead. The football team created by Viva Rio in Haiti to generate social impact has found consecration in Rio, with local and refugee athletes seeing their dreams of raising the trophy come true. […]

New horizons in Haiti


Viva Rio has been in Haiti for 13 years now and these holidays, with the partnership of the Government of Canada, we are renewing our presence in the country. Last November 29 we launched, with Haiti’s National Police, the Blue, Red and Green project, that works towards an integrated approach to security and development at […]



Viva Rio started as a simple demonstration, an act of rebellion against the wave of violence that hit Rio de Janeiro in the early 1990s. From the very beginning we acted in an atypical way, bringing people from the favelas together with the rest of the city, uniting religious and academic icons, artists and anonymous […]



  In 2004 the United Nations (UN) invited Viva Rio to participate in its peace mission in Haiti, due to our experience mediating conflicts in the communities of Rio de Janeiro. We arrived in Port-au-Prince, the capital of the Caribbean nation, to deal with armed clashes between rival gangs and a population suffering from precarious […]

Kids with disabilities enjoy nature in accessible park trail


Viva Rio has opened an inclusive trail in Mangaratiba State Park, which is interpretive, sensory and accessible for wheelchair users and people with low mobility. The so-called Curumin Trail connects in the Sahy Valley region with the Ruin Trail, a narrow strip of land between the mountain and the sea. The idea of ​​an adapted […]